If I don't want to live a life of callouses or shoes, then I can choose my steps wisely, welcoming the blisters and bleeding that are the nature of bare feet while also tending to the greater hurts with want to let them heal.

I  can nurture a sustainable stride from which I will never have to abandon my path, while holding my eyes to the horizon so that I may be guided by the natural processes of our precious Earth.

And with trust in my heart.

As living beings we have an innate ability to heal. Not just the wounds that are reflected back to us by mirrors, like cuts and bruises, but also attachment, depression, anxiety, transition, grief/loss, crises, trauma, and the inability to connect to family or friends in a meaningful way. Just as we have needed a doctors help to stitch or re-set a bone so that healing may occur, we need the help of therapists to re-set the patterns of our emotions and thoughts.

I believe each one of us has an intuitive map by which our spirit desires to journey and a unique key formed by our life's experiences and lessons, from which our intuitive map can be deciphered. We can lose sight of one, or trust in the other, and in doing so, we can feel hopeless, lonely, bereft. With help, we can find ourselves again.

It's not easy to ask for help to find the person that you know yourself to be underneath it all.

But asking is the only first step to finding.

"And forget not that the Earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair."   Kahlil Gibran

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.
                                              John Muir

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shamanic journeying

adventure retreats

Shamanism is not a religion. Shamans are referred to as "seers" in their tribes because they access their inner selves for guidance in healing, not dissimilar to prayer. 

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Come together with like minded individuals to explore your self. Fire, water, earth, and air, all lend a healing element of discovery and expansion on the Big Island.

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Animal assisted and nature based psychotherapy

restorative retreats